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This Week with TRG – The Long and Short of It…

So much to do, so little hours, days, weeks, and weekends to get it all done. Anyone else think that these days? Like we are cramming so much into so little time, that nothing feels 1000% done all the time? Well, let me tell you, I sure do!!! Lets start with a Matty update. I finally got to talk to Matty last week when he popped into the Peddler and picked up his new frame. He looks and sounds great!! We are blessed he was not more seriously hurt, and really, his attitude towards the healing, rehab, and getting back to all the fun things he enjoys, is really so positive. Glad to see him and know he is progressing towards healing.

As you all know, 2016 has started out kind of rough for TRG. Too many crashes to count and the latest to go down was Humberto Leandro. I got to talk to him the day of and personally I am totally bummed out for him. After 2 races in the TMBRA series, he was sitting in a solid 3rd place and was in form for the rest of the season. This latest crash has taken him out of contention for 6 to 8 weeks minimum, and off the bike for a solid 4 or so. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you my friend for a speedy recovery.

So, how’s that for a lead up??? If you have not ordered the new Summer Kit, have been involved in one of the many crashes this year already, are looking to replace some old threads, or are just new to the group, we are in the last week to do so. As of this newsletter, we have 12 days left to order. This kit, as previewed in the link below, is a one time (possibly?) kit for summer 2016. I will be opening the traditional kit order in late August, early September for the 2017 TRG kits. Hope you like them, and I look forward to seeing the latest myself.

Lastly, there are lots of things on the calendar upcoming. Castell, Rattler, Hell of the Southwest Gravel Grinder, Shiner, Real Ale, DK, Lake Placid, along with others soon to be announced. Some are doing all, some are specializing in just a few while still others might be doing just one. As the weeks wind down, we are all training, sacrificing time with family, and putting more on our plates than we are typically used to. I just wanted to make sure we all give a shout out to the families who supports us and let us play weekly!!! A huge Thank You to all of you supporting us so we can be successful!!!!

Upcoming Rides:

03-23-2016 – Wednesday – TCB – Yep, its back and has been for a few weeks now.  Meet at Pour House Pints & Pies on Jollyville in time for a 18:00 departure. Route TBD.

03-26-2016 – Saturday – TRG Saturday Ride – 0730hrs from Walsh and 0755hrs from The Peddler (please note the new times). Ride TBD along with ride leader. I will post on Facebook group and page as soon as we cement what is going on.

03-26-2016 – Saturday – TRG to Rocky Hill for Rattler Preview – For those of you doing the Rattler in a couple of weeks, we are heading out early, as to be there when there is light. As of now, looking at a 0600hrs departure from the Starbucks located at 110 North IH35, (35 and Round Rock Ave, 620) Looking to make a day of it and do a couple of laps so bring a cooler, drinks, snacks, lunch and possibly some chairs. I will post more on times on Facebook Group and Page so we can iron out carpooling, if needed.

There will not be a planned recovery or MTB ride this Sunday. Happy Easter to you all and remember the meaning of this magnificent day!!!

Well, there again is a lot to digest!!! Take your time, read it over again, and maybe a little more slowly, and perhaps you will see something you missed the first time. Have a great rest of your week!!!

TRG Admin