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This Week with TRG – Surface of the Sun edition

Welcome to another week on the surface of the sun (er, I mean Austin, TX). So, what’s on tap for the weekend in the devil’s own broiler?

Saturday 8/13: The ADVANCED route this week will take us out to Liberty Hill and then the always fun Lime Creek loop. The focus this week will be on speed (to get us back home and out of the heat quickly) and teamwork (because… teamwork!). Expect a spirited pace and short stops (1 at Liberty Hill, the 2nd at Lime Creek & Anderson Mill. See the route map). There will be no official Intermediate ride this week, so folks looking for an intermediate option, you’re free to do your own thang. As usual, roll out from Walsh at 06:30, and the Peddler at 07:00. Thx to the Ewok for the route inspiration.
Advanced Route:

Sunday 8/14: MTB ride at Brushy Creek. Meet up at 0645 and rolling at 0700 from the skate park lot.

In other news, as the boss mentioned last week, a re-order has been opened with Voler for our Tribute Kit (Pink and Black). Stay tuned for details on order dates and a link to put in your orders. In addition, links for the 2017 kits will be posted by the end of August, with a small preview. Expect something similar to what the summer kit had so you can see the design.

Stay cool, ride safe, and have fun!


P.S. This explains a lot…