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This Week with TRG – The 32nd Weekend Edition

Again, another week has passed, but this time, not really a lot to talk about. TCB was last night and it was HOT!!! You all are just plain crazy!!

A re-order has been opened with Voler for our Tribute Kit (Pink and Black). I will post the date as soon as I have it. It should be done later today, so hopefully by the weekend, we will have it dialed in. Also, I will release the links for the 2017 kits by the end of August and it will have a small preview. similar to what the summer kit had so you can see the design.

Rides for the weekend!!

08-06-2016 – Saturday – Meeting and rolling from Walsh Middle School at 0630hrs, and heading to The Peddler on Avery Ranch for a 0700hrs meetup. After a brief, and I mean very brief pre-ride meeting, we will head downtown to Mozart’s Coffee for a little together fun. This ride will be a 15 to 17 mph ride, keeping in mind we are TRG (The Ride Group) and not TRG (The Race Group). If you feel this is not something you want to partake in, by all means, pass on this social experience to drive yourself into the ground properly!!! Here’s the Route:

08-07-2016 – Sunday – Walnut Creek MTB. Meet at the parking lot next to the pool @0615hrs with wheels rolling @0630hrs. Nice pace, fun ride, with possibility of sessioning some of the unique features The Nut has to offer.

08-10-2016 – Wednesday – TCB – Every Wednesday of every week during daylight savings, we have a heaping dish of Hills O’ Plenty served with a smile and leaving from a variety of different spots. Meeting time will be 1745hrs with a roll out of 1800hrs sharp. Please check back closer to Wednesday for the route and rally point.

That’s really it. Nothing too crazy!!. Working on a lot of things for 2017… and hoping for a great weekend and year ahead!!!

TRG Admin