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This Week with TRG – The Pre Labor Day Edition

Lots to cover, so hang on tight!!!

First, 2017 TRG kit order links are below. We will be offering the TRG Original (Black with new artwork mods), The TRG Tribute (Black and Pink a re-do of last year with art mods), and the TRG Summer/CX/MTB kit (Newest of them all, again with art mods). If you have any questions re: fit or colors, please do not hesitate to ask. In years past, if you ordered a kit the previous year or the current year, you were put on the roster for our sponsors. This year, we are changing this. You must order for the current year, which this order qualifies, to be on the TRG roster for discounts applicable to our sponsors. No one will be grandfathered in, so to speak. I will have a current roster after these links close, and the roster will be updated. I appreciate everyone’s support throughout the years and I look forward to growing, having fun, and seeing everyone out there in the coming year. 2017 looks to be even better then all the rest, with new faces, new focus, and new items on the agenda.

TRG Kit Links:

TRG Black (Original):

TRG Tribute Kit (Pink and Black):

TRG Summer/CX/MTB:

2017 Trips and/or Events

As some of you know, we just wrapped up a trip to Vermont. We may or may not be doing this particular trip again, but there will be a trip in the works for the 2017 summer. Some have suggested MTB, others, a combo. Regardless of the trip or trips we plan, we were doing the math in Vermont, and if someone can stash $150 a month into a fund for a trip, you can pretty much make any trip we are looking at. This is just one of the items we will be round tabling in the coming weeks and months.

T-Shirts – Yes, we are finally getting T-shirts going. As of this newsletter, we are in the initial process of getting these done. They will be Next Level shirts with the basic design on one, and a little more detail on the other. More to come on this as we get closer to getting them finished.

Final thoughts for this week!! TRG has and always will be The Ride Group. Nothing more, and really, nothing less. I appreciate seeing our Jerseys out there in races and/or events, but really, as of now, and not counting this out for the future, we are not a race team!!! I train during the week, so I can keep up with most of you all. We are not really all that “Serious”, but do have fun with certain events throughout the year. With that said, Saturday’s ride, and Sunday’s too, for that matter, is all about having fun as a group and camaraderie. If you look at the make-up of this group, we have riders from all different backgrounds with one commonality, The Bike!!! This group was created so people could have fun, ride with a group, and enjoy friendships which probably would not exist if we all didn’t ride bikes. So no matter if you ride with the advanced or the intermediate group on any given weekend, the focus should be on staying and riding as a group, working together, helping each other out, having fun, and sharing the precious time with one another, for which we are not guaranteed.


This week’s rides!!

08-31-2016 – Wednesday – TCB – Every Wednesday of every week during daylight savings, we have a heaping dish of Hills O’ Plenty served with a smile and leaving from a variety of different spots. Meeting time will be 1745hrs with a roll out of 1800hrs sharp. Please check the Facebook page and private group for this weeks rally point. Of course, this is weather permitting.

09-03-2016 – Saturday – Meeting and rolling from Walsh Middle School at 0700hrs, and heading to The Peddler on Avery Ranch for a 0725hrs meet-up. After a brief pre-ride meeting, we will head out on this week’s ride. Here is the proposed route: Of course, this is weather permitting as well.

09-04-2016 – Sunday – Walnut Creek MTB. Meet at the parking lot next to the pool @0645hrs with wheels rolling @0700hrs. Nice pace, fun ride, with possibility of sessioning some of the unique features The Nut has to offer. After daylight savings, this ride will be changed to Brushy Creek in the afternoon. Just a heads up for those who cannot make it now, but want to in the future. This ride, like all the rest is based on the weather. If it rains too much leading up to or the day of, we will cancel.

09-05-2016 – Monday (Labor Day) – In an effort to get everyone home to their families for fun and BBQ’s, we will be a basic Mozart’s Ride. Here is the route: (again, this could change, depending on the weather and interest to do more)

Upcoming Ride and Events:

Saturday, 10-16-2016 – LiveStrong Challenge Austin

Saturday, 10-29-2016 – Armadillo Classic – This is a benefit ride which supports our very own Bike Austin. Its a great ride, on some great roads, with the best volunteers in Austin. Help support Bike Austin, our advocate for Austin, and have a great time in the process. There is a TRG discount code located on the Facebook private group. If you have any questions or cannot find it, please let me know.  Here is the link to sign up:

Thanks again,

TRG Admin