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Last Day to Order TRG kits!!!

Good morning TRG!!! Today is the last day for ordering any of the 3 kits. Again, the Tribute kit looks more than bleak. I spoke with Voler on Friday, and if you have ordered Tribute kit, and by midnight we realized its finished, the best bet is to place your order before the deadline if you want another kit. Otherwised, you will miss out on any of the kits.
Being we are so far away from making numbers on the Tribute kit, Voler suggested having the members who ordered log in, cancel their existing order, since you can modify until they links close, and make another order on one of the other links. You will be refunded after you cance, and will not be given credit on the Voler site.
If any of this is confusing, please let me know prior to 1900hrs tonight.
Here are the links for the kits.
TRG admin
Here are the TRG 2017 Kit Links:
TRG Black (Original):
TRG Tribute Kit (Pink and Black):
TRG Summer/CX/MTB: