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This Week with TRG – Wow, Its Been Awhile!!

Yep, it sure has been awhile. In fact, close to 5 months since anything was posted here. So I guess, its one of those things where I answer some questions.

Yes, we’re still alive and kicking!! TRG has been busy and business has been as usual. The only part which really changed was posting mainly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram instead of here on our Website. I will make an effort to get it done right here all the time.

We just finished up re-orders of the 2017 Jersey kits. They look pretty good this year and I look forward to representing all out old and new sponsors which support us. There is an emphasis on The Peddler Bike Shop and AJ Camp, the owner. AJ has been taking care of us for the last several years and we appreciate all of his, and the all the guys in the shops, support.

TRG is an open group with riders from all backgrounds. We have fun, socialize, and train together. We take cycling serious in a very non-serious kind of way. Meaning we love to ride!!

This weeks ride:

02-18-2017 – Saturday ;

Well, that’s it for now. Still here, loving riding, and being with friends. Looking forward to 2017 and all it has to offer!!

TRG Admin