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TRG riders in the new 2011 kit

TheRideGroup: Because Riding Alone is Boring.

What is The Ride Group?  It’s a bunch of great people brought together by their love of cycling.

TRG includes cyclists, triathletes, guys/gals, runners, racers, etc.  And our name, TRG, in an effort to really capture the full spirit of who we are, and the personalities that make up this great group of individuals, means more than just “The Ride Group”.

For those more hard-core folks who race (Thursday crits, cycle cross, and triathlons), TRG means The Race Group.

Then you have those demented folks out there (no offense meant, of courses) who actually like to run, so we’ll call them The Runner Group. Finally, we have lots of people who cross train. We roadies call them Tri-gee.. ok, I’ll stop, especially since I have two in my family, and both kick my butt. So for the Triathletes, TRG stands for Triathlon Race Group (had to make it work). I know there are probably more names we could come up with for the letters, but these are the ones we will focus on.

Check back often to check our calendars for listings of the different types of events our group will be participating in, from group training rides, to sponsored rides, criteriums, road roaces, triathlons, marathons, and who knows what else our members will decide to tackle.

Come join us for one of our regular weekend rides, and see how much more fun training with good people can be.

– Scotty M.

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