Scotty M

This Week with TRG – The 32nd Weekend Edition

Again, another week has passed, but this time, not really a lot to talk about. TCB was last night and it was HOT!!! You all are just plain crazy!! A re-order has been opened with Voler for our Tribute Kit […]

This Week with TRG – The End of July Edition

Wow!!! Yep, it’s already the end of July! Already planning next year’s kits, Christmas party, and events for the 2017 season. Not to mention a Waco Gravel Trip in October. Time sure flies, when you are having fun…. right??? Speaking […]

This Week with TRG

Saturday 07-23-2016: Walsh Middle School 0630hrs and The Peddler Bike Shop at 0700hrs. Doing a slight variation of the Limecreek Loop. Under 50 miles to keep it safe and early. Sunday 07-247-2016: Walnut Creek MTB: Meet at 0615hrs in the parking […]

This Week with TRG

Wow,, looking at the date since I last posted and I feel as though I have been really not doing my job here. If you have found this site and are looking for rides, they will be posted for now […]

Rides for 04-16 & 17- 2016

Saturday Ride!!! Well, that is if its not raining!! This will be a ride to see, feed, and enjoy Kenny, as our friend Dan Aul did. We honor Dan​ by doing this. I just wish he would be the one […]