Last Day to Order TRG kits!!!

Good morning TRG!!! Today is the last day for ordering any of the 3 kits. Again, the Tribute kit looks more than bleak. I spoke with Voler on Friday, and if you have ordered Tribute kit, and by midnight we […]

This Week with TRG 09-13-2016 thru 09-18-2016

Good day to you all!!! Hopefully you have felt some cooler temps and have been loving the riding. As I write this, the TRG / TCB (TRG Climbs and Brews) Crew is posting the route for tomorrow (09-14-2016). This week’s […]

This Week with TRG – 09/11/2016 Edition

Another week and yes, another ride. Hopefully everyone is recovered from a great Labor Day weekend. As mentioned last week in the newsletter, we will be offering the TRG Original (Black with new artwork mods), The TRG Tribute (Black and […]

This Week with TRG – The End of July Edition

Wow!!! Yep, it’s already the end of July! Already planning next year’s kits, Christmas party, and events for the 2017 season. Not to mention a Waco Gravel Trip in October. Time sure flies, when you are having fun…. right??? Speaking […]

This Week with TRG

Wow,, looking at the date since I last posted and I feel as though I have been really not doing my job here. If you have found this site and are looking for rides, they will be posted for now […]