This Week with TRG

Saturday 07-23-2016: Walsh Middle School 0630hrs and The Peddler Bike Shop at 0700hrs. Doing a slight variation of the Limecreek Loop. Under 50 miles to keep it safe and early. Sunday 07-247-2016: Walnut Creek MTB: Meet at 0615hrs in the parking […]

This Week with TRG

Wow,, looking at the date since I last posted and I feel as though I have been really not doing my job here. If you have found this site and are looking for rides, they will be posted for now […]

Rides for 04-16 & 17- 2016

Saturday Ride!!! Well, that is if its not raining!! This will be a ride to see, feed, and enjoy Kenny, as our friend Dan Aul did. We honor Dan​ by doing this. I just wish he would be the one […]

This Week with TRG – The Long and Short of It…

So much to do, so little hours, days, weeks, and weekends to get it all done. Anyone else think that these days? Like we are cramming so much into so little time, that nothing feels 1000% done all the time? […]

This Week with TRG 03-04 thru 03-06-2016

Well, its been awhile since I posted on the Web, so I figured it was time to get back into updating folks. This is the Quick and Dirty version. Summer Jersey is on its way to being done. Stay tuned […]