This Week with TRG 09-13-2016 thru 09-18-2016

Good day to you all!!! Hopefully you have felt some cooler temps and have been loving the riding. As I write this, the TRG / TCB (TRG Climbs and Brews) Crew is posting the route for tomorrow (09-14-2016). This week’s […]

This Week with TRG – The End of July Edition

Wow!!! Yep, it’s already the end of July! Already planning next year’s kits, Christmas party, and events for the 2017 season. Not to mention a Waco Gravel Trip in October. Time sure flies, when you are having fun…. right??? Speaking […]

This Week with TRG – The Long and Short of It…

So much to do, so little hours, days, weeks, and weekends to get it all done. Anyone else think that these days? Like we are cramming so much into so little time, that nothing feels 1000% done all the time? […]

Short and Sweet – Post Mishap

I know, what’s with the title??? Well, I will get to that soon enough, but as of now, we are keeping this week’s post short and to the point. I hope to see you out there. Weather permitting, TRG will […]

January 1, 2016 – A New Year, Same Great Group!!!

Let’s see, where do I start??? I guess I will start with a reflection of 2015! It was a great year. Strike that, it was an Epic year!! From the Rattler, to Shiner, to Dirty Kanza, to Rockwell Relay, to […]