This Week with TRG – Surface of the Sun edition

Welcome to another week on the surface of the sun (er, I mean Austin, TX). So, what’s on tap for the weekend in the devil’s own broiler?

Saturday 8/13: The ADVANCED route this week will take us out to Liberty Hill and then the always fun Lime Creek loop. The focus this week will be on speed (to get us back home and out of the heat quickly) and teamwork (because… teamwork!). Expect a spirited pace and short stops (1 at Liberty Hill, the 2nd at Lime Creek & Anderson Mill. See the route map). There will be no official Intermediate ride this week, so folks looking for an intermediate option, you’re free to do your own thang. As usual, roll out from Walsh at 06:30, and the Peddler at 07:00. Thx to the Ewok for the route inspiration.
Advanced Route:

Sunday 8/14: MTB ride at Brushy Creek. Meet up at 0645 and rolling at 0700 from the skate park lot.

In other news, as the boss mentioned last week, a re-order has been opened with Voler for our Tribute Kit (Pink and Black). Stay tuned for details on order dates and a link to put in your orders. In addition, links for the 2017 kits will be posted by the end of August, with a small preview. Expect something similar to what the summer kit had so you can see the design.

Stay cool, ride safe, and have fun!


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This Week with TRG – The 32nd Weekend Edition

Again, another week has passed, but this time, not really a lot to talk about. TCB was last night and it was HOT!!! You all are just plain crazy!!

A re-order has been opened with Voler for our Tribute Kit (Pink and Black). I will post the date as soon as I have it. It should be done later today, so hopefully by the weekend, we will have it dialed in. Also, I will release the links for the 2017 kits by the end of August and it will have a small preview. similar to what the summer kit had so you can see the design.

Rides for the weekend!!

08-06-2016 – Saturday – Meeting and rolling from Walsh Middle School at 0630hrs, and heading to The Peddler on Avery Ranch for a 0700hrs meetup. After a brief, and I mean very brief pre-ride meeting, we will head downtown to Mozart’s Coffee for a little together fun. This ride will be a 15 to 17 mph ride, keeping in mind we are TRG (The Ride Group) and not TRG (The Race Group). If you feel this is not something you want to partake in, by all means, pass on this social experience to drive yourself into the ground properly!!! Here’s the Route:

08-07-2016 – Sunday – Walnut Creek MTB. Meet at the parking lot next to the pool @0615hrs with wheels rolling @0630hrs. Nice pace, fun ride, with possibility of sessioning some of the unique features The Nut has to offer.

08-10-2016 – Wednesday – TCB – Every Wednesday of every week during daylight savings, we have a heaping dish of Hills O’ Plenty served with a smile and leaving from a variety of different spots. Meeting time will be 1745hrs with a roll out of 1800hrs sharp. Please check back closer to Wednesday for the route and rally point.

That’s really it. Nothing too crazy!!. Working on a lot of things for 2017… and hoping for a great weekend and year ahead!!!

TRG Admin



This Week with TRG – The End of July Edition

Wow!!! Yep, it’s already the end of July! Already planning next year’s kits, Christmas party, and events for the 2017 season. Not to mention a Waco Gravel Trip in October. Time sure flies, when you are having fun…. right???

Speaking of fun, a large contingent of TRG/C4 Endurance athletes tackled the Lake Placid IM last weekend. All of them did outstanding and I just wanted to throw a shout out to them. John White, Jeff Mery, Jay Horton, John Geissinger, Karen Guilmet, Erica Harshaw, and Dave Hayes you are all Ironman,,, some for multiple times. You can find their stories, their pics, and lots of other info on the newly created C4 Endurance group page on Facebook.

There will be a Re-Order on the TRG Tribute Kit for 2016. This will be the only kit we will do a re-order on for the remainder of the year. From the feedback I received from the Facebook poll, its the only one with real interest. As of now, I am working on the two kits for 2017 and their links will be open soon, with a delivery date just before the December Christmas Party. These kits will be the Traditional Black and a modified version of Summer Kit.

Now to some rides!!!

07-30-2016 – Saturday – Depart at 0630hrs from Walsh Middle School and 0700hrs from The Peddler!!! Two routes advanced and intermediate. Advanced route: and Intermediate route: Some subtle differences, so make sure you download the route you want to do.
07-31-2016 – Sunday – MTB ride Walnut Creek Park. Meeting at the parking lot close to the pool @0615hrs and wheels rolling @0630hrs,
08-03-2016 – Wednesday – TCB – Route TBD. Meet @1745hrs with Wheels rolling @1800hrs sharp. I will update later in the week, as the starting points in the last couple of weeks have been moving around. Just know, if the weather is good, the beer is cold, and there is hills,,,, there will be a ride!!!
That’s about it for now. Again, lots going on, so stay tuned for information for which is coming soon!!!
TRG Admin..

This Week with TRG

Saturday 07-23-2016: Walsh Middle School 0630hrs and The Peddler Bike Shop at 0700hrs. Doing a slight variation of the Limecreek Loop. Under 50 miles to keep it safe and early.

Sunday 07-247-2016: Walnut Creek MTB: Meet at 0615hrs in the parking lot next to the pool. Wheels rolling at 0630hrs.

Gear orders are set. Doing a re-order on the Tribute (Black and Pink) and getting ready for the 2017 season kits.

Have a great weekend and I hope whatever you do this weekend, you stay safe and hydrated.

TRG Admin


This Week with TRG

Wow,, looking at the date since I last posted and I feel as though I have been really not doing my job here. If you have found this site and are looking for rides, they will be posted for now on here, twitter (@theridegroup) and Facebook. Sorry for the lack of posting lately, its been really busy.

This week’s Ride offerings!!! Yep, we are riding this week. Nothing crazy due to the heat. Easy ride to Hat Creek on Burnet. Route to be posted later today.
Saturday Ride: 0630hrs from Walsh Middle School and 0700hrs from The Peddler.
Sunday MTB: Meeting at 0615hrs Walnut Creek Parking lot next to the pool. Wheels rolling at 0630hrs. Planning on 20 miles, so bring adequate water supply.
That’s it for now. Again, its crazy hot out and really, long rides in these temps can make your training go backwards not forward, so we are shortening all rides. If you ride, be safe, hydrate, and have a plan.
TRG Admin.