Short and Sweet – Post Mishap

I know, what’s with the title??? Well, I will get to that soon enough, but as of now, we are keeping this week’s post short and to the point. I hope to see you out there.
Weather permitting, TRG will be riding this Saturday and Sunday. Start times on both days will be 0825hrs from Walsh Middle School and 0855hrs from The Peddler Bike Shop. The weather is showing a NNW wind, with a 44 degree, feels like 38, so dress warm. Routes are posted below. There will be 2 distinct routes, and we will split up accordingly. The Advanced route will be a 70 and the Intermediate will be 51. Please download the routes provided for proper navigation. I look forward to seeing you out there.
TRG Admin
Advanced Route:
Intermediate Route:

January 1, 2016 – A New Year, Same Great Group!!!

Let’s see, where do I start??? I guess I will start with a reflection of 2015! It was a great year. Strike that, it was an Epic year!! From the Rattler, to Shiner, to Dirty Kanza, to Rockwell Relay, to the Vermont Challenge, all the way to the Livestrong challenge here in our own backyard. These are the events that I can think of off the top of my head. Lots of riding, lots of challenges, and really lots of fun with the entire group. Lots of firsts out there as well from people doing their first centuries to hard people doing their first Ironman, and even crazier, the athletes doing repeat(s) or Ironman races. Wow!!! Just wow!! I have said it before and I will say it again, I am humbled by the athletes I am surrounded by weekly. All with different goals, but sharing time on the bike or on a run, with The Run Group!!!

In 2015 I said I would post more and keep the website up to date… Well, I pretty much failed at doing this!! So, I am pledging to do a much better job in the upcoming year in an effort to make it easier to follow and get information about the events TRG is participating in. Its been busy, but really, for a group such as this, for which I really do love and enjoy, there is no excuse.

I am glad and honored to announce our full and only, bike shop association, of The Peddler Bike shop ( located at 10526 W Parmer Ln #419, Austin, TX 78717, (512) 218-5062. Add this to your smart phone, rolodex, or note pad. This is our full service bike shop and I hope all of us think of them first when we are looking at service, parts, and bikes. Most, if not all of our local rides will start and end at The Peddler.

Another association I am proud to be a member of  and now associated with, is Bike Austin ( ). A huge thanks for all of us supporting the Bike Austin cause and for Mercedes Feris, Executive Director, for letting us join up with them in bike advocacy here in the Austin area.

Lastly I want to thank each and every one of you who throw that TRG Kit / jersey on and ride. We started this group some years back now, with the philosophy of “Because Riding Alone is Boring”,, and it stuck. I tend to find myself wanting to ride, if I know all of you are going to be out there with me. Somehow, it makes the pain of training, hills, and long days disappear. More than just a few times, I find my face hurts at an end of a ride, not from grimacing, but from lauding so hard and so often. We wave, we wait, and we encourage. Its who TRG is, its in our DNA, and it will never change!!!

In the coming months I am hopeful for some big announcements for TRG. There are a handful of TRG members working on some big ideas, juggling their personal lives and jobs, to make some advancements in the TRG world. Stay tuned!!!!

Again, I thank all of you for your loyalty and enjoyment of TRG!!! I look so forward to what’s to come and the year ahead for all of us…  It’s fun, its exciting and some of it is uncharted territory, but it’s all going to lead to a great adventure.

In case you missed it, here is the TRG 2015 End of Year Video (Special thanks to my incredible wife for putting this together):

Upcoming Rides:

01-02-2015 – Saturday – Saturdya Ride – First meet up at 1225hrs Walsh Middle School with wheels rolling at 1230hrs. Second meet up at The Peddler @1255hrs and wheels rolling at 1300hrs sharp. This will be a casual conversational pace, no drop ride. Hope to see you out there!!!

01-03-2015 – Sunday – Sunday Recovery ride from Walsh Middle School with wheels rolling at 1230hrs. Second meet up at The Peddler @1255hrs and wheels rolling at 1300hrs sharp.  Normal route to Jollyville and back. About 30 to 35 miles at an even easier pace than Saturday. It’s a little ring ride.

Well, this concludes my 1st post of 2016!!! Now, lets plan on making 2016 and even more Epic year than 2015!!!!

TRG Admin